Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Elevator Pitch

Yesterday I attended a BNI meeting with a friend who invited me to join.  I had no idea what to expect.  I have never attended that sort of an event.  Half way through the meeting I had to stand up and give my 30 second commercial.  A couple of weeks ago I talked about forming my elevator pitch as one of my goals.  I had no idea that after weeks of procrastinating I would be forced to come up with it in about 5 minutes.   As I listened to members go around the room I got more and more nervous. What was I going to say that would define what I do and who I need a referral from?  I stood up (still had no idea what I was going to say) and it just came out.... "I am Samantha Larkins representing Samantha Louise Jewelry.  I design, create, and sell jewelry to individuals and stores nationwide.... Currently I am launching a line of bridesmaid jewelry.  This week my perfect referral would be brides interested in giving a unique gift to their attendants or bridal stores interested in adding a jewelry line to their dress colleciton."  If you have ever seen the movie Old School I felt a little bit like Will Ferrel during the competition for their fraternity house.  It was like I blacked out and it just came out.  It may not have been perfect, but it was way better than I hoped for.  It made me realize that its not as scary as I make it out to be.  After the meeting I got two referrals! It is amazing how putting yourself out there can actually pan out.  In general people want you to succeed and they are excited if you are excited.  There are so many aspects of running a small business that I never imagined would be part of my daily routine.  Networking is an important one. Surrounding myself with other businesses that want to see me succeed and are willing to point me in the right direction is a new concept for me. It is a powerful tool that I can wait to use.

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