Saturday, October 2, 2010

Contain Yourself!

On most days my tiny studio is filled with 2 big black pups, a busy one year old daughter, all of her toys, a computer, an iphone, a land line, a camera, lights, hand tools, big tools, magazine clippings, invoices, files and the list goes on.... When my husband walks in he literally has to search to locate our daughter in the rubble.  I try to be organized but I have a team of factors working against me and Miss Mia is leading the charge!  It is hard to imagine a work day where my business cards are not dumped from their container and sprawled all over the floor.  Its pretty amazing if she doesn't locate the ribbon bin and drape herself in spools upon spools of of ribbon. And its even more amazing if my relatively young pups don't shred her toys to pieces causing an all out riot.

BUT when it comes to the jewels I am all about organization!  I love containers, boxes, and bright colors!  My stones are always organized by type, size, and color. And my finished inventory is sorted by collection.  Keeping the stones organized helps me to stay focus and excited about creating jewelry on a daily basis. Plus it saves time and money to know what I have and where it is.

This months goal is to be as excited about the paperwork as I am about the product. I figure if I spend a month faking it maybe it will become a habit....Fake it till you make it!

ps- on the goal setting front-I am doing okay...2 great stores have bought into the complete collection! Their custom case set up are being made as I type and their beautiful orders have already been delivered. I am excited for several fall and holiday events over the next few months and particularly excited to continue placing my collection in some of the most respected stores in the country!