Monday, January 10, 2011

Wedding Jewels

I am finally diving into the world of marketing my wedding collection to buyers outside of friends, family and friends of friends!

This weekend we attended the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show.  Some brides came alone...some with their grooms...some with just their mom and others with their entire entourage!  It was really fun to see each bride get excited when they came across our booth.  We were one of the only jewelry booths at the event and we were able to show brides how unique our wedding collection truly is.

The process is pretty fun.  We start with a swatch and select stones to match.  In selecting stones I usually try to find several shades that will compliment the swatch.  It gives the finished design a little more dimension.

Then I send you over to the website.  You can check out all types of designs in the collection.  Once you find some designs that you like we can modify the designs to fit into your budget.  You can pick a different design for each bridesmaid or the same set for all of your girls.

We can also make simplified designs for your flower girls.  Recently I have made several velvet ribbon bracelets that look super cute on the youngest members of the wedding!
 The finished product is a suite of jewelry that looks fabulous the day of and beyond!