Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Falling Out of Love with Jewelry

When I first moved to Colorado I was determined to take the jewelry industry by storm.  My internship with William Travis Jewelry had me jazzed about being out on my own.  I took on everything and thought I knew how to do everything!  I soon learned that building a business that is respected and successful takes lots of time, dedication, and hard work.  Its not that I wasn't willing to put in the work, I just believed it would come naturally. I worked really hard for about a year before I hit the wall.  Throughout that year the speed bumps were incredibly discouraging.  I was selling, but my technical skills were being challenged everyday and my lack of business experience was evident.  I was starting to hate it....I guess hate is a strong word,  but it was causing me a huge amount of stress.  On top of that I was lonely.  I had moved to a new city and I worked at home.  Besides my dog, Carolina, I was alone most of the day.  When my husband got home from work I would get in his face and chat chat chat chat...Mainly because I had no one to chat with all day long.  

By the end of my first year I was ready to throw in the towel.  Instead, I found a part time job in a totally different industry.  I helped a restauranteur open a restaurant.  It started out about 15 hours a week but, quickly increased to 40 or 50 hours a week.  It was fun, different, and I got to meet tons of people in my neighborhood.  The best thing it did for me was help me to look at my profession with new eyes.  I realized that starting any business is loads of hard work, but it is easier when you are passionate about what you do. I realized that I will always be passionate about the jewelry industry--The creative process, the freedom to make my own decisions, and the quiet focus that it takes to move a new piece form design to creation.  

When I was finally ready to continue on my path I did it with new eyes and new perspective and as a result the jobs kept rolling in.  Now in the spring of 2010 Samantha Louise Jewelry is finally taking off the way I had always hoped it would back in 2007 when I opened.  Several key elements are falling into place.  First, I have a renewed sense of passion for the craft and I cherish the time I have to design and to create.  Second, I have a better vision for what it takes to succeed and I have the dedication to make it possible.  My designs are better, my business practices are improving, and I am throwing myself out there in a way that I have not done in the past. Lastly, it is easier for me to remember that building my business is a marathon, not a sprint.  I am focused on the long term success of my brand and I am committed to seeing it through....

This year I will launch Signature Couture Collection... a little sneak peek below!

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