Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting Help

One of the most important lessons I have learned in creating jewelry, running a small business and life is where and when to get help.  I am not always that good at it because... lets face it I think I am superwoman, however since I started making some decisions about what I can and cannot do I am less stressed and more productive.  Its really an amazing and liberating lesson to learn.  Now I get to focus on the cool stuff and organize the other stuff so that other people can do it!  
Here are some of the great things I've gotten to make since I took a step back.


I love the summer, the warm weather, being outside, and all the summer activity that seems to fill the streets.  One of my favorite parts of summer is pulling out the boxes filled with summer clothes and putting them away filled with winter sweaters.  Its like christmas!  All the great summer items that I forgot about over the winter are instantly made new.  I love putting together the perfect seasonal woredrobe--the perfect sandals, a great pair of cropped white jeans, all of the staples that make my look completely unique to me.  You are probably the same way... certain "go-to" items are essential to making you feel put-together each season.  We often forget that building our jewelry waredrobe should be thought about in the same way. Certain pieces of jewelry are the "go-to" items that will make you feel put together not just this season but for a lifetime.  Building a jewelry waredrobe that will last a lifetime takes time, but if you invest in the right pieces you will have jewelry that can be worn for any occassion.  When you are buying fine jewelry there are certain items that are a must.  I always look for pieces that can be added to---a great gold chain that you can attach pendants to,  a classic pair of studs with interchangeable jackets, a set of stackable rings that can be added to over the years.  Samantha Louise Stackables, Studs, and Strands are great verstile items that will keep your jewel box looking fresh for decades.  I also love the SL signature halo necklace, it can be worn alone, layered, or with an enhancer.  It is a perfect piece that will provide endless solutions for any outfit.  What pieces do you love and cherish? What are your jewelry go-to items?