Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When the budget is big...

I just pitched a new design to one of my favorite clients.  It is a huge project and from a production perspective it is going to be really intense....It is literally a puzzle to piece together.  I am so excited I can barely sleep at night. I started with a rough sketch to get my vision on paper.
The idea is a interlocking web of signature elements to make a collar of sparkle around the neck.  I designed a series of new scalloped edge bezels the will hold multicolored sapphires as well as a smaller bubble bezel that will be set with rose cut diamonds.  The other elements will be our signature dots and halos. Some will be pave with white diamonds which will add the sparkle we are looking for.  
All of the elements are being handcrafted right now in the production studio.  Once the elements are complete I will start the task of laying them out so that they fit perfectly together.  Then we will start linking each other pieces together to form this spectacular necklace.  Check back for pics of the finished product.  It will be to die for!