Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking Care of Your Jewels

Recently, I've had several clients ask how to clean their jewelry. I thought I would put together a list of the Top 5 Tips I have found for taking care of your jewels! Hope this helps!

1. Avoid sleeping, swimming, showering, or exercising in your jewels-
Perspiration, chlorine, lotion, and even perfume can be harmful to your jewelry.

2. Store it properly-
Keep it stored in a pouch or jewelry box. Hang necklaces that tangle easily

3. Have it professionally cleaned-
For expensive or intricate pieces of jewelry it is a good idea to visit your local jeweler to have a piece cleaned. They can check stones for tightness, and even polish the metal for you.

4. Clean at home-
 Most jewelry can be cleaned with warm water, non abrasive dish soap, and an old soft bristle tooth brush. There are certainly exceptions including porous stones (like pearls, coral, and turquoise). Also avoid this technique with silk stringing or leather. Gold, silver, and stones can be dipped in a warm water and dish soap combination, and scrubbed gently with a tooth brush.

5. Finding the right jewelry cleaner- 
Please read the bottle carefully when using these products. Ask your local jeweler what they recommend.  I find that no abrasive dish soap is just as effective and generally under your kitchen sink!