Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something New

I am always looking for new ways to enhance my designs...different techniques, fun packaging ideas or new creative designers that could provide some inspiration.  Recently I have been trying out resin jewelry.  Its a fun medium because it has endless potential---Check out Alexis Bittar.  He has turned resin into a high fashion must have by making it more than just a crafters medium.  A couple of weeks ago I thought I would play with it a little to see what I couldn't come up with.  I got all the materials and read some articles about creating resin jewelry.  Turns out resin and I just don't go together.  I have made 5 or 6 batches and somehow I have screwed up every batch.  For someone who prides herself on creativity, this has been incredibly discouraging!  I over mix, over heat, mis-measure, insert photos too early, or too late, and worst of all, I am impatient. Regardless of whether or not my resin endeavors have succeeded it has been really fun to learn something new.  It has offered me inspiration and affirmation in my own abilities and techniques.  Sometimes I try things that work and are great additions to my tool box and other times my experiments end a bit like resin...sticky and messy.  Either way, I love to try them.  Do you have any ideas, designs that you have seen, or techniques that you always wondered about? Send them to me...I'll try it and blog about it to let you know how its going! If you have happened upon this blog by accident check Samantha Louise Jewelry out on Facebook or online at and let me know what you think about my work!

ps- A little update on my goal setting....I have done some research and picked out a few stores. I also am trying to get my line sheets together.  My good friends at Oster Jewelers in Cherry Creek have agreed to take a look at my most recent stuff...I hope they like it!

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