Monday, April 12, 2010

Sales and Goals

I am queen of goal setting...the only problem is I struggle with follow through.  This week I am going to set a goal and I am hoping by writing it down I will be forced to follow through and track how I am doing.

I have a really great store in Texas who sells through my line and reorders often.  They love my work, give me constructive feedback, and are always looking for new designs.

The Goal: Three high-end stores just like them who carry Samantha Louise Jewelry.
The Question: How am I going to do it?

Step one: Store Research. What stores would be the best venue for my work?  What other designers do they carry? price points, location, etc?

Step two: Line Sheets.  Make sure my line sheets, photos of work, and pricing are all up to date. Create a PDF version of my line sheets that I can email to stores.

Step three: Elevator Pitch.  What is my competitive advantage? Write an elevator pitch for an email, a phone conversation and in person encounters.

Step four: Be Confident in my work!  Make a plan to get in touch with stores and follow through with it.  Get them by email or phone, and drop into to set up appointments with local venues.  Try other means of connecting with those stores---social media like facebook, industry events, or networking events.

Step five: Connect.  Stay committed to connecting with those stores regularly. Even if they are not interested now they may be in the future. Plus once you sell a store it is much easier to keep a customer than to sell a new one.

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