Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brides, Bridesmaids & Bobbles

If you didn't know already, Samantha Louise Jewelry has ventured into the wonderful world of weddings!  While I've been doing engagement rings for sometime now, I only dove into bridesmaid jewelry recently and it has been a blast!  New designs in each color suite are slowly finding there way onto my website, but the options for bridesmaids are endless.  It is amazing to design 8 pieces that all have a similar color, look, and feel, but are unique to each of the special girls in your wedding. You can check out my facebook page for a fabulous purple suite I did earlier this year!  My goal is always to design pieces that women will want to wear again and again.  Below are pics of the latest blue bridesmaid designs from my studio. As you can see stones are available in every shade...So send me a swatch and I will try to match your dresses exactly!

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